What to look for when buying furniture to reLove

What to look for when buying furniture to reLove I have been asked sWhat to look for when buying furniture to reLove

What to look for when buying furniture to reLove I have been asked several times over the past few months, what to look for when buying furniture to reLove. So I wanted to share my criteria with you on what to look for when purchasing vintage furniture to repaint. Construction The very first thing I look for is solid wood. If the piece is made from ...continue reading

To Wax or Not To Wax?

Wax over chalk paint

To wax or not to wax? Ah... The age old question: "To wax or not to wax over chalk paint?" OK, so maybe it isn't the question that's been around for as long as chalk paint itself, but it is definitely a dilemma I've been facing more and more... Nothing compares to the soft luster and rich glow of a freshly waxed piece of reLoved furniture!! However, ...continue reading

Tracey’s Fancy Inspired Armoire

Painted Vintage Jewelry Armoire

The story of a little 'Tracey's Fancy' Inspired Armoire  So while I was out of town at the SNAP! Convention, one of my bestest clients ever, dropped off this oak jewelry armoire. She seen it and had to have it, but had no idea how she wanted it refinished. She didn't like all that oak... She didn't like all that brass... We spoke of French designs, ...continue reading

Shabby Cottage Craft Organizer

Shabby Cottage Craft Organizer

A while back I came across this uh... I am not exactly sure what it is called, it is sort of a Victorian doll house / curio shelf / shadowbox / display case all rolled in one, but I immediately saw a Shabby Cottage Craft Organizer!! This is the largest shelf of this kind I have ever seen. It is nearly 3 feet tall!! There are 23 openings in which you can ...continue reading

Not So DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

No Sanding No Priming

Hello Friends! Today, I'd like to share with you a (not so) DIY Chalk Paint Recipe, using a product I have been testing. I know you guys have heard all the hype about the miraculous Chalk Paint, and many of you are devoted fans. But for those who haven't, Chalk Paint is a beautiful velvety, matte finish paint for furniture that requires NO sanding, priming, ...continue reading

How to Paint Stripes

How To Paint Perfect Stripes pv

I've been asked a few times How to Paint Stripes on furniture. So today, I'd like to share my painting technique for crisp lines with you guys! Please note: this is my technique for painting stripes on smooth surfaces, like furniture. I have a different technique for painting stripes on textured walls. First, you'll want to figure out your color scheme ...continue reading

Little Birdie Dresser

Little Birdie Dresser

The story of a Little Birdie Dresser, starts out kinda sad... It was neglected, falling apart, and much too small to be of beneficial use to any one. Or so I thought! After I cleaned it up, and completed all the necessary repairs, I really started to see a blank canvas forming. I envisioned a perfect little accent for a Baby Nursery! The little petite ...continue reading

Business Cards for Bloggers

business cards for bloggers

Business Cards for Bloggers So remember several weeks ago, I was working on designing my business cards for the SNAP! Blogging Conference... Well, I did all sorts of research on what should be included on Business Cards for Bloggers, because I'm still really trying to get the hang of all this. I have narrowed to down to a list of my 5 must-haves for all the ...continue reading

Engineer Print Chest

Engineer Print Chest

So you all have heard of Engineer Prints, right?? Well, if not, get ready... because Engineer Prints are going to be life changing, literally! ...well, maybe just for me. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. But today I wanted to share with you the Engineer Print Chest I made for my mom for Mother's Day! This is so exciting! So, first off, ...continue reading

Home Decor & Social Media

Home Decor

Home Decor & Social Media, happily ever after! Social Media is beyond epic in terms of Home Decor. Just think of how one site alone, Pinterest, has brought endless amounts of inspiration!! By now you know I love infographics!! I came across a very interesting one on one of my favorite sites  created by HSN Home Decor, titled "How Social Media is ...continue reading