Business Cards for Bloggers

Business Cards for Bloggers

So remember several weeks ago, I was working on designing my business cards for the SNAP! Blogging Conference… Well, I did all sorts of research on what should be included on Business Cards for Bloggers, because I’m still really trying to get the hang of all this. I have narrowed to down to a list of my 5 must-haves for all the other newbie-bloggers out there!

Originally, I was leaning towards just stamping my business info on a paint swatch. I am in deep love with the typography style business cards, and what better way to emphasize reuse?? Since I use these all the time, I was torn between my beloved, and trying something new…

Typography Business Card

However, after days of indecision, I started over from scratch and went with something a little different. New is good right??

Here is the reveal of my new business card, as well as my top five list!

business cards for bloggers


Your blog / website name. If you have a logo USE IT!


You-  your phone number and email address. Since I’m rather anti-social when it comes to phone conversations (I actually hate talking on the phone) so I only included my email address. If your business requires any type of personal contact (ie: selling painted furniture) I would also include your general location.


There are many differing opinions on this one. But I am more of a visual person. I remember faces… names, not so much. If you want people to remember you, I’d include a photo! If you prefer not to include your picture, definitely include some identifying blog elements in the design of your card. Your business card represents and is a reflection of your blog or website, and they really should match! Plus it goes back to the whole visual reminders thing.

Since I like to do things backwards, after I perfectly matched my business cards to my blog design, I decided to change my blog design… But it really did match for a brief moment!

Business Card Bolg Design


The new ones you’ll want to include are Pinterest and Instagram. I failed this test miserably, you don’t have to! Don’t forget Etsy if you have a shop. Of course the obvious ones are FaceBook and Twitter. Some people are using Google+ and LinkedIn a lot more now. Just be selective so the business card is not too cluttered, but definitely go with the networks you feel most comfortable with. I’m still a FaceBook gal, so that was my must have!


I know you’ve heard about QR Codes and have seen them everywhere, but do you really know what they are? QR stands for Quick Response Code. Its basically a bar code of contact information. You can link it to whatever you would like. Your blog, email, facebook, etc… When someone comes across your QR Code, they only need to scan it with their phone (must have the app) and it connects them straight to where you linked up. If you want to be a hipster, you need to include this!  I made mine for free at QR StuffQR Code on business cards for bloggers

Sherri Reyes Business Cards

That’s it! All you need now is a little inspiration… Well, I even have that covered! Melissa over at has a great post titled: The Blogger Business Card Showcase, where she has complied a gallery of awesome business cards for bloggers, from across the web! You really should go check it out. It’s a few years old, but it’s till relevant, and so much fun to see all the creativity out there!

Now create something you love and get it printed!

PS: I don’t have any fancy design creating software. I used regular old Microsoft PowerPoint. I ordered my business cards online for $35 for 500.


So what do you think?? Have I left anything off the list of must haves for Business Cards for Bloggers??


  1. I am a total newbie so thanks for sharing, especially the bit about using power point and the cost. These are the details I need!

    • Sherri

      I find myself using PowerPoint for everything!!! I’m usually pretty happy with the results.
      …Who needs Photoshop anyways?? LoL

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