Signs Everywhere!

I wish I had some fabulous furniture makeover to share with you today. But nonetheless, I’ve been happily painting away- on (you guessed it) SIGNS!! I literally have SIGNS EVERYWHERE!! And when I say I have Signs Everywhere, that’s no joke! Here’s a view of my kitchen table this morning after my coffee. Signs everywhere Oh Look! A sock! Oh Look A Sock And honestly, nothing makes me happier than painting and being creative!  But with so many sign orders coming in, I started wondering… Painted Vintage Sign Orders

“Could it be a sign?”

Could it be a sign? (<—-  see what I did there?) Not the kind of sign where you wake up and find a cryptic message in your toast… Sign in Toast And not that obvious sign that you see on the way to work… Obvious Sign But you know, that subtle nudging to take a leap of faith. So… Here Goes! I think I’ll make more signs! Yes!! That’s It!! I am going to work on expanding the sign painting portion of my little shop!! I have been so blessed with an abundance of orders and I am so excited for all the opportunities that have recently opened up for growth! I have met some amazing people creating signs and shipping all over the United States and even other countries! I have already been working on revamping my Etsy Shop, and I have all kinds of ideas for new designs. I have also changed the name of my FaceBook page from Painted Vintage {reLoved} Furniture to Painted Vintage Signs. And I’ve been working on unifying my image across all platforms. I mean, I already have Signs Everywhere! Plus, apparently Panda Express thinks its a good idea too!! (…Or maybe I just eat there too much?) Fortune Cookie Signs “So whats happening to” you ask. Haa Ha!! You can’t get rid of me that easy!! I will still maintain my blog and share my projects and tutorials with you!  However, to focus on creating and painting signs, I won’t be offering reLoved Furniture for sale anymore. So, with all that being said… I wanted to say thank you to all my family, friends, clients, fans and readers who have supported my little business and continue to help me grow!! I have been truly blessed and I am very grateful for all of you! Thank You Sign and thank you, Lord for blessing me beyond measure! GOD BLESS!! <3 Sherri -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- P.S. – You can read more about my reLoved signs here. And here’s a few custom signs I’ve been working on:Be You Sign Custom Family Sign Family Rules Sign

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