reLoved Two-Toned Nightstands

SW Irish Cream Nightstand

Today I am so excited to share with you my reveal of this pair of classic Two-Toned Nightstands! My client found these 1970's Nightstands Craigslist. She really scored with these! The drawers had dove tail joints, drawer dividers... and even dust covers. They just don't make them like that anymore! I loved the ...continue reading

Tracey’s Fancy Inspired Armoire

Painted Vintage Jewelry Armoire

The story of a little 'Tracey's Fancy' Inspired Armoire  So while I was out of town at the SNAP! Convention, one of my bestest clients ever, dropped off this oak jewelry armoire. She seen it and had to have it, but had no idea how she wanted it refinished. She didn't like all that oak... She didn't like all that brass... We spoke of French designs, ...continue reading

Little Birdie Dresser

Little Birdie Dresser

The story of a Little Birdie Dresser, starts out kinda sad... It was neglected, falling apart, and much too small to be of beneficial use to any one. Or so I thought! After I cleaned it up, and completed all the necessary repairs, I really started to see a blank canvas forming. I envisioned a perfect little accent for a Baby Nursery! The little petite ...continue reading

Refreshed End Tables

Refreshed End Tables Before and After

Recently I came across these plain little end tables. Not much to look at... they were actually really dated looking. I don't know why, but they really reminded me of parquet flooring (?) But they were made of very, very heavy wood, and I was in deep love with the chunky legs! So, I started with my SOP, Standard Operating Procedure: Clean thoroughly ...continue reading

Vintage Drexel Nightstands

Painted Vintage Drexel Nightstands

Several months ago, on one of my thrifting adventures, I scored these Vintage Drexel Nightstands!! They were divine!! I loved the size, scale and the clean lines of the nightstands. They were practically begging me to take them home and reLove them! So reLove them, I did! After sanding and priming, I decided to go with a two-toned color scheme. I ...continue reading

Hutch Makeover Reveal

Hutch Makeover

The Never Ending Project!! Finally, I get to share my hutch makeover with you guys! Maybe you remember, I started this back at the end of January. You can read that post here. I thought I would never finish, but here it is, my Hutch Makeover Reveal!!   When I started this makeover, the weather was too cold, and too rainy, and then too windy, ...continue reading

French Inspired Desk

Painted Vintage Before and After

reLoved Before & After French Inspired Desk, a furniture make-over story. Over the weekend, I was able to finish up this little French cutie. It had really great lines, a small attached hutch for extra storage and was in solid, sturdy condition... But take a look at how ugly it was!! This one got the full treatment: sanded, primed, and painted. (I ...continue reading

Birds of a Feather Storage


reLoved Before and After Birds of a Feather Craft Storage, a furniture makeover story. I got this small chest of drawers a couple of months ago. It's not really nightstand criteria, but I'm not sure what to call it, so it'll have to be my Birds of A Feather Craft Storage for now... Anyways, it was an excellent candidate for a little hand painting!! This ...continue reading

Vintage French Label Side Table

Painted Vintage Side Table French Label

reLoved: Before & After Vintage French Label Side Table makeover project I scored this shabby little gem from one of my regular sources who purchases storage units. I purchase so much from him, he usually gives me first dibs on all his furniture finds. she was a mess and needed to be reLoved! After I sanded and did some cleaning with liquid TSP ...continue reading

About reLoved Furniture


ReLoved Furniture in need of a forever home! This girl's on a mission to rescue, restore and re-home neglected and unwanted furniture!   Rescue • Restore • Re-Home RESCUE: Every day, hundreds of pieces of furniture are left abandoned and neglected. I see it all the time! Quality furniture with good lines, solid construction, and timeless appeal- ...continue reading