Faux Copper Patina

Faux Copper Patina

After I posted this Faux Copper Patina project on FaceBook, I got several emails requesting a tutorial. Since I wasn't actually planning on writing a tutorial on repainting garden statues, I might not have the most helpful photos, but I'd love to share the project with you! Well, I started with this resin garden statue of a couple of sweet, little ...continue reading

How to mix Paint Minerals

How to mix Paint Minerals Chalk Paint

I wanted to share with you a quick tutorial on how to mix Paint Minerals™ into your own Chalk Style Paint. First, what is Paint Minerals™? Well, if you are not familiar with it, Paint Minerals™ is a non-toxic blend of plant and mineral ingredients that will turn ordinary latex paint into decorator-style paints. You can read more about it here. Paint ...continue reading

To Wax or Not To Wax?

Wax over chalk paint

To wax or not to wax? Ah... The age old question: "To wax or not to wax over chalk paint?" OK, so maybe it isn't the question that's been around for as long as chalk paint itself, but it is definitely a dilemma I've been facing more and more... Nothing compares to the soft luster and rich glow of a freshly waxed piece of reLoved furniture!! However, ...continue reading

How to Paint Stripes

How To Paint Perfect Stripes pv

I've been asked a few times How to Paint Stripes on furniture. So today, I'd like to share my painting technique for crisp lines with you guys! Please note: this is my technique for painting stripes on smooth surfaces, like furniture. I have a different technique for painting stripes on textured walls. First, you'll want to figure out your color scheme ...continue reading

Engineer Print Chest

Engineer Print Chest

So you all have heard of Engineer Prints, right?? Well, if not, get ready... because Engineer Prints are going to be life changing, literally! ...well, maybe just for me. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head. But today I wanted to share with you the Engineer Print Chest I made for my mom for Mother's Day! This is so exciting! So, first off, ...continue reading

Painted Ceiling Tiles

Painted Vintage Ceiling Tin Tiles

So I have been wanting to replace the focal point over my head board with Painted Ceiling Tiles, for a couple of years now. I had 3 framed canvas's that I painted over five years ago, and I was ready for a refresh! So, I found some Ceiling Tiles at Ross last year, but they were soooo ugly!!! While I loved the size and the scale of them, I just couldn't ...continue reading

Furniture Painting Workshops

Furniture Painting Workshops

Furniture Painting Workshops - Coming Soon! I am so thrilled to share with you an exciting update!!! I can't hold it in any longer!!! I will be forming a series of Furniture Painting Workshops! Learn how to revamp your old furniture in a fun, relaxed, and inspiring atmosphere. These will be hands-on furniture painting workshops, where you will have the ...continue reading