An Organized Desktop

With the New Year, I’ve been looking for some organization in my work life. My computer moniter is a cluttered mess, and quite honestly,  I feel like I can’t be productive when there are messes nearby….

Wouldn’t you agree. its a nightmare? Does your desktop look like this?


So, I decided to start with my desktop (as in computer moniter, not the top of my desk). I came up with an idea for a desktop background that would allow me to arrange and organize my icons and folders. I thought I could even take it a step further, by having a spot for the projects I am currently working on and documents that I may need to reference quickly. I created a destop background image using Mocrosoft Powerpoint. I chose a burlap fabric for the background. I added images of other sample fabrics I like, and then added shapes with text to title my areas. Then I even added a widget called “Sticky Notes” where I can have all my phone numbers handy. Of corse, I had to include an inspiration quote to remind me “Count your Blessings, not your problems!” I feel like I could really get some work done now!! …if only I could figure out what to do with all the post-it notes taped to my moniter!





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