Painted Ceiling Tiles

So I have been wanting to replace the focal point over my head board with Painted Ceiling Tiles, for a couple of years now. I had 3 framed canvas’s that I painted over five years ago, and I was ready for a refresh!

Artwork over headboard

So, I found some Ceiling Tiles at Ross last year, but they were soooo ugly!!! While I loved the size and the scale of them, I just couldn’t see spending good money on all that ugliness!!

Painted Ceiling Tiles - before

I mean maybe the red and green color scheme has a place somewhere, but I’m just not feelin’ it!

Ceiling Tiles

Fast forward a year later. I’m just minding my own business, shopping at Ross for a Home Staging Project that I was working on… So imagine my surprise, when I see these same ugly Ceiling Tiles on clearance for only $8.99 each. Suddenly, they weren’t so ugly. I was lucky enough to find three matching ones. I HAD TO HAVE THEM!

Ceiling Tin Tiles Clearance

I sprayed two light coats of primer, and then base coated it with a pretty pale aqua.

Painted Ceiling Tins

Then I antiqued them with Rustoleum Transformations Glaze in Java brown. I really love the combination of the aqua with the brown glaze!

Ta-Da! My Painted Ceiling Tiles!

Painted Ceiling Tiles

I am so happy with the end result!! I wish my bedroom had better lighting, so you could really see how beautiful they are!

Vintage Ceiling Tiles

I was going to list them for sale, and honestly I did- at an outrageous price, because I was hoping they wouldn’t sell!!! But I just can’t bear to part with them!! I’m in deep love with these painted ceiling tiles!!

Painted Ceiling Tiles - after

I’d love to hear your feedback! Have you ever inflated the price of something, hoping it wouldn’t sell?


  1. Traveling through a little north Texas town, I stopped at a sale in an old building and found three old tin ceiling tiles and kept them- wanting to use them exactly as you have, but not knowing how to refinish them. I am so inspired! I never fail to invasion another project after visiting your site :-)

  2. AMNW

    You and your site are just lovely! I was able to find out any and all questions regarding my chalk paint f & q’s. Glad I got here before starting a large project. I am just a newbie with this process, but did just try a “plaster of paris” chalk paint recipe w/out really knowing what to expect. So far, I’m pleased with the outcome. I will definitely test the “Paint Minerals” product as well to compare. Enjoyed your style and ideas. Thanks.

  3. Carol Way

    They look great, what a great idea. I have something similar the the tile but it’s one huge piece and it’s an ugly brown. I may try what you have done. I love your idea’s.

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