My Anti-Retail Christmas

Shop Local This Christmas

Yes, that's correct. Again this year, I am striving for an anti-retail Christmas. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not Scrooge McDuck when it comes to Christmas. In fact, the holidays are my favorite time of the year! But the idea of shopping for my loved ones in an over crowded, retail-chain giant super-store warehouse just doesn't fill me with a festive ...continue reading

My Barn Obsession

barn obsession

Yes, it's true... I have a slight Barn Obsession. It's nothing that I need an intervention for... yet! Delightedly, this obsession of mine has actually brought a few good things into my life recently! Now my little barn does not compare to some of the gorgeous majestic barns you find in the mid-West. But, I love it none the less, and thought I would share ...continue reading

The Storms of Life

Tyler and Cameron Smith

Today I am writing a different type of post. One about facing the storms of life. As you may or may not have noticed, I have been lagging in my blog posts lately. I have just been struggling with the storms of life. And I know we all face trying times. Recently, I was sitting in my bed, reflecting on personal situations going on in my life.  Yes, I was ...continue reading


Hi All! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sherri Reyes, and I'm on a mission to rescue, restore and re-home unwanted and neglected furniture!! I’m just a small town girl who loves to paint… I’m a working wife and mother of 3, and I’ve been 27 for as long as I can remember! I live in a little tiny ranch house in Southern California. In my spare time ...continue reading

Under Construction

PaintedVintage {re-loved} Furniture

Please excuse our dust as our official web site is currently under construction and receiving a whole new make-over!! In the mean time, please keep in touch through our FaceBook page. Or visit our Etsy site: Feel free to email us ...continue reading