Shabby Cottage Craft Organizer

A while back I came across this uh… I am not exactly sure what it is called, it is sort of a Victorian doll house / curio shelf / shadowbox / display case all rolled in one, but I immediately saw a Shabby Cottage Craft Organizer!!

Shabby Cottage Craft Organizer

This is the largest shelf of this kind I have ever seen. It is nearly 3 feet tall!! There are 23 openings in which you can store supplies, or display treasures. I was able to fit 12 glass jars of varying heights. I had these old jars with hang tags left over from my Repurposed Soda Crate project

repurposed jars

For those of us not lucky enough to have a craft studio this would be a perfect compliment to a small craft station. I have a Craft Closet which is in desperate need of a makeover… I could never use this in there because it would get swallowed whole and never be seen again! On the other hand, if you did have a craft or sewing room, how cute would this be?? I can picture the glass jars filled with sewing notions, old bobbins and thread spools! Even all those little scrapbooking embellishments!!

Shabby Craft Storage

The unit itself very sturdy and is in excellent vintage condition, with a shabby distressed white finish! It can be used as free standing storage, or attached to a wall.

The Shabby Craft Organizer has sold. I will leave the post up as inspiration to others looking for cute storage and organization alternatives :)



  1. Samantha

    I have that same shelf and am going to sell mine. What did you sell it for? I have no idea what I paid for it 15 years ago from Spiegel.

  2. I could not find your shabby chic large Victorian style craft shelf. Could you please send me pricing information. Thank you!

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