Easy DIY Christmas Card Displays

Here are 3 quick and easy Christmas Card Display ideas you can do yourself with little to no cost.

My favorite is this Christmas Card Tree I made out of a tomato cage. I’ll admit, I didn’t have a tomato cage already, but I picked this one up for under $2.00 at my local home improvement store.

I just flipped the tomato cage upside down and tied the stakes together with a twist tie.


I wrapped decorative green and gold ribbon around the tree starting at the top. Then I wrapped some jute twine around the tree for some added texture. I used a gold bow to finish off the top of the tree. I found these cute mini wood clothes pins in the craft section at Wal-Mart. I believe they were about $2.00 for a pack of 50, and I love them!! I pinned my Christmas Cards to the ribbon and then filled in the holes with poinsettias.

Since it was a super thrifty and crafty day, I made a few more displays. Here’s one made out of ribbon and empty picture frames. Simply staple the ribbon to the back of the frames and hang your Christmas Cards with mini wooden clothes pins. You can hang the frames if you’d like, but I prefer them leaning against the wall.

For this Christmas Card Display, I placed some long twigs in a large Mason jar that I had. I added a few Christmas looking embellishments, including a twine bow and then pinned the Christmas Cards to the twigs with my mini wooden clothes pins!

And there you have it!! Three Christmas Card Display ideas you can make yourself for under five bucks!


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