Little Birdie Dresser

The story of a Little Birdie Dresser, starts out kinda sad… It was neglected, falling apart, and much too small to be of beneficial use to any one. Or so I thought!Neglected Dresser Before

After I cleaned it up, and completed all the necessary repairs, I really started to see a blank canvas forming.Dresser Repairs

I envisioned a perfect little accent for a Baby Nursery! The little petite drawers would be perfect for tiny onesies, diapers and necessities. This story is starting to cheer up already!!

After I priming, I got started on a two-toned paint treatment. I wanted a really subtle and neutral palette. The body of the dresser is a couple shades lighter than the drawer fronts.  Next, I free hand sketched a little birdie on a branch that stretched across the drawer fronts. I painted it the same colors as the dresser, with just a little shadow and highlighting, followed by a hand rubbed finish. I was really focused on a calm and subtle design. Little Birdie

I painted the insides and outsides of all the drawers. Think: fresh and clean!! Birdie Dresser Nursery

The dresser had small imperfections, that only added to its charm. I usually have a favorite spot on all my projects, that call out to me and make my heart smile! They are little reminders of a past life, prior to a soul restored!! In this case, I’m in deep love with the crooked line on the bottom right side of the top drawer… See it?

Little Birdie Dresser

What about you? Do you find flaws to be charming, or a you more of a perfectionist?


  1. Tania

    Hi Sherri, I tried to look for paint minerals in your etsy shop but it doesn’t find it. Do you still sell it ? I love everything you do . Your creations are beautiful.
    Thank you.

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