Vintage Drexel Nightstands

Several months ago, on one of my thrifting adventures, I scored these Vintage Drexel Nightstands!! They were divine!! I loved the size, scale and the clean lines of the nightstands. They were practically begging me to take them home and reLove them!

Drexel Nightstands

So reLove them, I did! After sanding and priming, I decided to go with a two-toned color scheme.Painted Vintage Drexel Nightstands

I repainted the original hardware to a rich, chocolate brown. It contrasts so nicely against the creamy white!Vintage Drawer Pulls

I lined the drawers with a simple embossed lining, to really coordinate with the creamy white drawer fronts.Drawer LinersThese Vintage Drexel Nightstands came out so hot!! I loved the two colors together, and they are just neutral enough to go with any color scheme. I could really see these in a living room as end tables.Painted Vintage Nightstands

And finally, a look back at the before and after of this nightstand makeover.Painted Vintage Nightstand Makeover

I’d love to hear your feedback!! What did you think about the two toned color scheme on these reLoved Vintage Drexel Nightstands?

UPDATE The colors used to repaint my Vintage Drexel Nightstands were:
Sherwin Williams – SW 6007 Smart White
Sherwin Williams – SW 6206 Oyster Bay


  1. K

    Hi, love these tables! I have some similar I hope to redo. After you painted these did you put any type of top coat over them for protection? I see the colour names and brand but which paint was it…pro classic…etc? Thank you in advance! So glad I found your site!

  2. Becky Altobelli

    I would love to know the color brown you used on the hardware and also the spray sealer you used. Tey are beautiful side tables.

  3. Awesome, well nice job! I’ll have to share my final product when I’m done! (Just primed one today, will get to painting it tomorrow, I’m super excited.)
    I skipped the sanding and used an interior/exterior primer made by I think Rust-o-leum/Zissler (not sure)…but it boasts sticking to veneered/glossy surfaces no problem (!!!!!!!) So, I’m a little worried but hopeful it will work! I just finished refinishing our cabinets and am kind of OVER sanding atm, haha!
    Last thing, what color is that you used? Looks nice

  4. These came out awesome! Good score on the Drexel – I got my hands on a rather large Drexel Dresser a few years ago, very solid piece!
    Did you sand and prime these before painting them? Also, what material was the original hardware?

    • Thank you, Heather!! Yes, I sanded and primed first. And to be honest, I have no idea what the original hardware was… I’m not good at that! LoL!

  5. Meg

    Gorgeous! What color/brand of oaint did you use and what sealer? Do you use a roller or brush and did you prime with zissner? Thanks a bunch!

  6. TerBear

    Absolutely beautiful! I was wondering how you were able to paint the hardware without it chipping later? did you seal it with something?

    • Sherri

      No sealer! I cleaned it really well, I usually scrub hardware with vinegar and a small bristle brush. Then I used a spray primer. After that was completely dried I sprayed a few light finish coats.

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